400 S. 14th Street (J.C Penney/ Edison Brothers Warehouse)


J.C Penney/ Edison Brothers Warehouse

Constructed in 1928-29 forJ.C. Penney, J.C Penney Warehouse was built as a distribution center for J.C Penney. J.C Penney used the building until 1954 when it became more efficient to distribute products by planes and trucks. In 1962, the company donated the vacant but well-maintained warehouse building to the University of Missouri at the urging of Mr. Penney. Plans to develop the building as a university education center were never realized. In 1967, the University leased the warehouse to Edison Bros. Stores, a St. Louis-based apparel and footwear chain which opened a distribution center there. In 1983, the company commissioned New York muralist Richard Haas to design one his largest works, a mural covering nearly three acres of surface on three elevations of the Edison Bros, warehouse. In 1994, Edison Bros, closed the St. Louis warehouse which had become outdated as a distribution center for the 700 Bakers and Wild Pair footwear stores it served. This 13-story, 860,000 square foot historic warehouse in downtown St. Louis (each floor approximately the size of a football field) has been redeveloped as an adaptive re-use, mixed-use project consisting of a Sheraton Hotel with suites, restaurants, health club and indoor pool, for-sale condominiums, and a banquet facility. The bottom floors are reserved for the parking structure, above that is the hotel, and the top floors are occupied by condominiums. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.


Photo Credit: Kayla Kleeschulte


Photo Credit: Kayla Kleeschulte


Photo Credit: Kayla Kleeschulte



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